Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Project(s) with Professional Photography choice

September 30, 2009

So you have chosen professional grade photography. You have a quality imagery to work with. The idea for this project comes from an old article in CA featuring a design studio and the Creative Director talking about a poster he designed. For years he wanted to use a specific photograph of Elvis in his early … Read More

Now what’s due?

Friday: 2 – 2-page spreads – printed and mounted (1 inch border – black mat/foamcore). If you are already printed and flush mounted (as of class today), you are good to go. Also, looking at the revised Rapala layouts (mounted, tissue and flapped for art direction. Presentation at the layout stages is getting very sloppy … Read More

Something’s Fishy

September 25, 2009

Here is your new spread to design. Initial layout is due on Wednesday. I"m hoping to reel in some nice layouts. This is a two page magazine ad. Specs: 4 color with bleed. Download Rapalaspreadcopy

What’s due?

Monday: Revised mag spreads for review – How Safe and Secrets of Feeling Full. Find 3 magazine layouts you like and bring to class. Find/pick/buy an unaltered professional photograph. Whatever you think is a good pic. Bring to class.

Noodling around the blogs

September 23, 2009

OK, I've been out on your blogs. Here are some of the Stress layouts that I would approve for production. As soon as you post the final layouts I'll blog the others. Emily James – Stressed Out! – 2 page spread, four color process Aimee Sagaser – Stressed Out! – 2 page spread, four color … Read More

New Spreads to Design – Yeah!

September 17, 2009

I hope you had a nice relaxing time with only two things this week to work on. I'm attaching a document that has two more magazine layouts to work on. The specs are in the document. Each spread will have a different challenge to resolve. Same parameters – Gilligan list, 4 color, with bleeds – … Read More

Red Barn this Weekend

For an upcoming project, I wanted to let you know that you will be needing photography of the Red Barn Arts and Crafts festival happening this weekend on the square. So start making plans as to how to get photography of the event. You can work individually or as a team/group. Anyone a good photographer? … Read More

TSODA approvals

I'm revisiting the TSODA layouts on the blog. We didn't spend a lot of time on this one and we aren't spending anymore. I thought I would post the layouts that I would pick (from an art directors viewpoint) to send further into production. They aren't perfect, but with a few minor tweaks, they are … Read More

Type-heavy layout and design

September 14, 2009

OK, the first series of layouts we've dealt with have been concept and image driven. The next series of layouts are dealing with management of information in the form of text-blocks. Making text look good in a design. Typesetting. So, the first is a 2 page magazine spread for Mature Living Magazine. It is an … Read More

TSODA poster

September 12, 2009

Blog what you showed on Friday. For the moment, it is on hold. I saw two or three on Friday that could go forward with little or no revision. The rest…