Design till you puke!

Design till you puke!

August 28, 2009

To recap today… This semester is going to address the skill sets you need to have to survive your first few weeks on the job in the design industry. My goal is to expose you to the skills you need to be a functioning, productive and efficient designer. We will design a lot of different things this semester.

Some tips for all projects and exercises…

  1. Develop a concept for everything that crosses your desk. It makes the design process go smoother and faster.
  2. Use and understand the basic design elements and principles.
  3. Use your process skills.
  4. Track your time on every project. Get to know your capabilities. The time sheet and estimate sheet can be found on Blackboard. Download the pdf's.
  5. Be able to defend you creative/design decisions. Be ready to talk and present your work.
  6. Always present designs to your "client" professionally.
  7. Always hit your deadline.

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