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Assignment 2: Not again!

August 31, 2009

Yep, two more nasty little layouts. One you have done before – this time even better – and a new topic. Again, develop a concept and design towards communicating the necessary information in a way that speaks to the target audience. All done with flare! Remember, you have to get good at these nasty little … Read More

Elements and Principles Checklist

August 30, 2009

Download this checklist and begin using it while you design. This is something new and I think it will help to broaden your design vocabulary. Download Element-principle checklist

Use your knowledge of design elements and principles

This post serves as a reminder of the basic design elements and principles you need to use to develop successful designs. These elements and principles are you tools in your visual toolbox to resolve any design problem. Design ElementsLineShapeDirectionSizeTextureColorValueTypography Design PrinciplesBalanceGradationRepetitionContrastHarmonyDominanceUnityFigure/Ground For details on the elements and principles go to This site is a … Read More

Typesetting Rules-of-Thumb

I'm blogging some fundamental typesetting rules. This is off the top of my head and are rules you need to memorize to utilize as you are setting type. As with all rules, they can be broken if you have a valid reason. Serif type faces are easier to read in large blocks of copy than … Read More

1st Assignment – Crank it out.

August 28, 2009

So, you have two layouts to produce by Monday.Specs: 8.5 x 11,no bleed, one color – black, laser printed. These are your production parameters. This is down and dirty and crank it out. For everything this semester, I expect good design regardless of whether it is a big project or small exercise. It is a … Read More

Design till you puke!

To recap today… This semester is going to address the skill sets you need to have to survive your first few weeks on the job in the design industry. My goal is to expose you to the skills you need to be a functioning, productive and efficient designer. We will design a lot of different … Read More

Some things to think about

August 27, 2009

Design Quotes It’s art if can’t be explained.
It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation.
It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation.— Wouter Stokkel Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.— Jeffrey Zeldman Math is easy; design is hard.— Jeffrey Veen Design should never say, “Look at me.” … Read More

Website for the Museum of forgotten art supplies

August 12, 2009

Take a look at this site: The Museum of forgotten art supplies. Fun. I've worked with most of these. I feel old.