ART320 Visual Communications I

  • HW – World Travel Newsletter update

    October 25, 2013

    Here are some examples of some dynamic layouts that use image, graphics and type! Update: The client has found some extra money for you on this project, which will help you with your design. You can have an extra page, two more spreads and total of 16 pages total for this World Travel Newsletter. Plus … Read More

  • CD Redesign

    Music has a wide range of influences and styles.  It speaks to us in many different ways (political, social, emotional, etc.)  In this project you will have to redesign a music album.   Process requirements     • decide on music CD album to redesign     • research CD examples and/or packaging designs (8-10 total)     • write a … Read More

  • File Formats for images

    October 24, 2013

    EPS – print Encapsulated PostScript, or EPS, manages both objects graphics and pixel graphics. This File format is used both will Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. There are a number of useful functions in the ESP format for pixel graphics. Images can be selected with mask channels and the file format can store information about … Read More

  • Leader Dots

    October 16, 2013

    Here something that can help you with your brochure design, Leader Dots.

  • Quotes #5

    October 14, 2013

    Graphic designers find themselves in a role of visual dishwashers for information Architects' chefs       -Gunnar Swanson   Design is like a mom, nobody notices when she's around, but everybody misses her when she's not       -Santiago Borray   Inspiration the seed. Design but the flower       -Michael Langham

  • HW – Brochure

    October 9, 2013

    1. Fix the previous newsletter and reprint out for monday. 2. Redesign Truman State University Resident Dining Guide Brochure. Here is the Download Dinning Guide file and you muct include all the information. Here are the design requirement: • 8.5 x 16; printed out on tabloid BW, double-sided • You can have a bleed with … Read More

  • Due next Monday 10/15

    A new World Travel guide printed out for class Sketchs and research on the Postcards you will be designing. Bring to class also 5 of each:     > textures (ex. fabric, textured paper, etc.)     > small objects that you can placed on the scanner

  • Power word postcards

    This exercise is an experiment in collage, that will be created by utilizing Photoshop as a dynamic digital tool. Certain “power” words evoke a definitive, but also a very subjective reaction.  Images and phrases, in tern, come to define and support these reactions.  Utilizing two power words, create/design postcards that illustrate them through image and … Read More

  • Photoshop CS 6

      Here are the Download Cs6_shortcuts_mac . Other information on Download CS6

  • Typographers’ & Proofreaders’ Marks

    Here is the Download Proofreaders marks of the marks.