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Extra Credit

If you attend the lecture of "Moosylvania" tonight Baldwin Hall Rm 176 I will give you extra credit. I will be attending the lecture also so come see me before the lecture starts.


Here is some information about your resume you should consider. Download 10 common mistakes Download Present Portfolio Download Present Portfolio

Leader Dots

Here something that can help you with your brochure design, Leader Dots.

Due next Monday 10/15

A new World Travel guide printed out for class Sketchs and research on the Postcards you will be designing. Bring to class also 5 of each:     > textures (ex. fabric, textured paper, etc.)     > small objects that you can placed on the scanner

Printing the World Travel Newsletter

Setup your document in Reader spreads in InDesign. When you are ready to print, go to Print Booklet to print your Printer Spreads: select Print Setting, chose your PPD as Acrobat 9: this will make a postscript file and setup your page size as tabloid. Than you distill the file and print your spreads in … Read More

Quotes #3

To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that's worth remembering       -Thomas Manss   Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs       -Frank Chimero   Remember it takes a lot of shit, to creat a beautiful flower … Read More

Theatre poster info

Author–Federico Garcia LorcaTranslator–Lillian Groag

Connect to My Computer

Connect to the server and use this address to connect to my computer: op122701      

Poster VC section 1

For those who did not talk to David today he will come at the end of class on Wednesday.