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HW- Rock Ya Body continues!!

Besides needing a poster for Rock Ya Body they also need a web banner that will go on home page of the website to help promote the event. A 10 second animation banner will be needed (using Flash or Photoshop or After Effects), you may add sound if you like, black color only. You can … Read More

HW – Rock Ya Body

I need a redesign for Rock Ya Body poster, I have included the Download Rock ya Body here will all the information you will need. I do expect for you to use a GRID, not just alignment points! If I do not see a grid being being used I will NOT approve the poster. The Poster … Read More

HW- Truman State University ID

You will be redesigning the Truman ID, here are the requirements: a head shot of a person, use yourself and biggest it can be is 1 wide and 1.25 inches tail this will be the only picture you can use on the ID you must include a student ID #, make this # up; your … Read More

HW – Career Week Flyer

Here is redesign, here is the Download Career Week,  all the information is on this flyer. You will need to develop a NEW concept for this event and all the visuals that support this concept. In the orginal flyer hierarchy is an issue and you must do a better job in resolving it in your … Read More

HW – World Travel Newsletter update

Here are some examples of some dynamic layouts that use image, graphics and type! Update: The client has found some extra money for you on this project, which will help you with your design. You can have an extra page, two more spreads and total of 16 pages total for this World Travel Newsletter. Plus … Read More

HW – Brochure

1. Fix the previous newsletter and reprint out for monday. 2. Redesign Truman State University Resident Dining Guide Brochure. Here is the Download Dinning Guide file and you muct include all the information. Here are the design requirement: • 8.5 x 16; printed out on tabloid BW, double-sided • You can have a bleed with … Read More

HW – World Travel Newsletter

Center for International Education needs a newsletter to be created to help Truman students with study abroad experience. Here are the reqirements for this newsletter: – here is the information  Download World Travel – show grid lines; NO alignment lines!!!  use InDesign – 12 pages newsletter, 3 tabloid pages, double-sided – no bleed, folded, saddle … Read More

HW- News letter

You have by the end of class on Monday to get your newsletter approved, 10/07. You DO NOT have till the end of the day on 10/07. New homework will be assigned on Monday. 

Newsletter redesign.

I have a web article from a blog and it needs to be redesigned in newletter form to be printed. Here is the link to the article an should be able to be copied and past the content into InDeign.    Here are the reqirements: – one color (black) , printed on 11×17, double-sided – … Read More

HW – Spider’s Web

Download Spider web You need to redesign this flyer for the next class period. Black and white, no bleed, you create the graphics, print the grid lines and all the information except the logo at the bottom. You must use the Theatre logo which in up on my server space. The finished size is letter … Read More