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More Student examples SP

Self promotion

This final project is about your creating a promotional packet about you and your design abilities to future employers.  You are a product/brand with unique abilities, attitudes and insights on how you see the world.  Pick one thing not four things to say about you and how will package this information about yourself? Things to … Read More

CD Redesign

Music has a wide range of influences and styles.  It speaks to us in many different ways (political, social, emotional, etc.)  In this project you will have to redesign a music album.   Process requirements     • decide on music CD album to redesign     • research CD examples and/or packaging designs (8-10 total)     • write a … Read More

Power word postcards

This exercise is an experiment in collage, that will be created by utilizing Photoshop as a dynamic digital tool. Certain “power” words evoke a definitive, but also a very subjective reaction.  Images and phrases, in tern, come to define and support these reactions.  Utilizing two power words, create/design postcards that illustrate them through image and … Read More

An addition to SS

I also want you to print out your logo in black and white 3 inches in 4 inch square. This should be flush mount to the foam core and print this on white matte paper. This is an addition to your stationary set. 

stationery set

 example: Big Brother & Sisters A logo is a the point of entry to the brand. Milton Glaser, designer You will be creating an identity for a non-profit organization.  You will have to figure out the key characteristics of the organization and how you will be integrating them into logo.  Keep in mind how the logo will be translated/interpreted by the viewer.  What defines one’s identity? (characteristics)     • … Read More

Poster Information

You have been hired by the Theatre or Art Departments to create a printed two-color (spot) poster design that captures the elements of area.  This poster should be designed  as a promotional piece to highlight the work being done in the each Department here at Truman State University. What to consider? What do you want … Read More

Postcards Update

For tomorrow in class have your PDF file for your postcards and JPEGS of each postcard as well. For the JPEGS: Last name an #(example: Derezinski_01.jpeg), RGB color mode, 72 dip and 12×8 or 8×12 inches. Please put the JPEGS  in Student work, in the #4 folder and sub folder: Presentation.

Illustration project – extended

Find a 8×10 image, 300 dpi resolution (no web images) and you will be recreating half of the image using illustrator tools. The image can be printed out of matte or glossy paper, with a one-inch black foam core border. No process books are required for this project but a pdf file of your wok … Read More

CD Redesign-extended

This project has been extended and is due on Monday April 19, instead of Friday April 16.