Self promotion

Self promotion

November 11, 2013


This final project is about your creating a promotional packet about you and your design abilities to future employers.  You are a product/brand with unique abilities, attitudes and insights on how you see the world.  Pick one thing not four things to say about you and how will package this information about yourself?

Things to think about

    What do you want to say and how to say it?

    This is just a sampling of your work; so how do make an impression to the viewer?



    -you must include 4 VC1 pieces but you can include more (you may have work from Typography)

(only 1 homework piece can be used; if any)

    -contact information about yourself (do not use school address/email)

    - you must have some type of binding to hold all this information together

    - some form of a mark for yourself ( Typographic logo)



11/11 – Review of assignment and Q & A

11/18 – Look at sketches on ideas for you promotion, research, 20 sketches on your mark/logo

11/20 – continue to work on logo in digital form; create a resume for yourself to be turned in

11/22 – logo finished and start layout of your portfolio; what type of binding are you using?

-shoot pictures of your CD packaging.

12/04 – continue progress on layout

12/06 – last day of class

Project DUE! 

12/09 Monday 11:30 – 1:20 > 11:30MWF

12/10 Tuesday 9:30 – 11:20 > 9:30MWF



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