HW- Truman State University ID

HW- Truman State University ID

November 4, 2013

You will be redesigning the Truman ID, here are the requirements:

  • a head shot of a person, use yourself and biggest it can be is 1 wide and 1.25 inches tail
    • this will be the only picture you can use on the ID
  • you must include a student ID #, make this # up; your full name
  • you will be making 4 different types of ID's: Faculy, Staff, Graduate Student, Student
  • Truman State University needs to be included using the Trajan font
    • you may use the Truman logo but you must adhere to guidelines as posted
  • size of the card is 3 5/16 wide and 2.125 inches tall 
  • printed out on letter card stock, purple and (tan or grey) colors need to be incorporated in your design, 
  • what will your grid be?

This is due next class period.

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