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Extra Credit

November 21, 2013

If you attend the lecture of "Moosylvania" tonight Baldwin Hall Rm 176 I will give you extra credit. I will be attending the lecture also so come see me before the lecture starts.


November 19, 2013

Here is some information about your resume you should consider. Download 10 common mistakes Download Present Portfolio Download Present Portfolio

HW- Rock Ya Body continues!!

November 15, 2013

Besides needing a poster for Rock Ya Body they also need a web banner that will go on home page of the website to help promote the event. A 10 second animation banner will be needed (using Flash or Photoshop or After Effects), you may add sound if you like, black color only. You can … Read More

HW – Rock Ya Body

November 13, 2013

I need a redesign for Rock Ya Body poster, I have included the Download Rock ya Body here will all the information you will need. I do expect for you to use a GRID, not just alignment points! If I do not see a grid being being used I will NOT approve the poster. The Poster … Read More

More Student examples SP

November 11, 2013

Self promotion

This final project is about your creating a promotional packet about you and your design abilities to future employers.  You are a product/brand with unique abilities, attitudes and insights on how you see the world.  Pick one thing not four things to say about you and how will package this information about yourself? Things to … Read More

HW- Truman State University ID

November 4, 2013

You will be redesigning the Truman ID, here are the requirements: a head shot of a person, use yourself and biggest it can be is 1 wide and 1.25 inches tail this will be the only picture you can use on the ID you must include a student ID #, make this # up; your … Read More