HW – Career Week Flyer

HW – Career Week Flyer

October 25, 2013

Here is redesign, here is the
Download Career Week,  all the information is on this flyer. You will need to develop a NEW concept for this event and all the visuals that support this concept. In the orginal flyer hierarchy is an issue and you must do a better job in resolving it in your layout. For this flyer it will be black and white, letter, with NO bleed in the layout, but you will develop a series of flyers based on your concept (3 flyers: with the same theme/concept). 

UPDATE: Create a new tag line, do not use "how to get from here to there..". You must use the Career Center logo but it only needs to be 1 inch wide. I need to see one flyer for Monday 10/28. I am looking forward in seeing some great concepts and well Developed GRAPHICS!

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