CD Redesign

CD Redesign

October 25, 2013





Music has a wide range of influences and styles.  It speaks to us in many different ways (political, social, emotional, etc.)  In this project you will have to redesign a music album.


Process requirements

    • decide on music CD album to redesign

    • research CD examples and/or packaging designs (8-10 total)

    • write a description of what you approach will be in the redesign of music album


TALK about    > Color usage?

> What type of message/experience you want to create for the viewer?

> How will the photography be used: altered, unaltered, collage…

> How does booklet relate to CD case without repeating the same elements?

    • you will shoot all the photography for CD; you may also use illustrations in the design

       (you should have a section for images in your process book to show me; images do not 

        have to be to scale, create a contact sheet for your images)


 CD Requirements

    √ stylization of the group/artist name


    √ CD case front, back & sides (no jewel cases)

> name of the album & group should be included

> you can use a colored paper (prefer matte)


    √ booklet : must have 4 spreads (8 pages total)

> front and back cover (1 spread) and three interior spreads

> not all of the lyrics of all the songs have to be included in the booklet

> layout of lyrics will be done in InDesign

> typical booklet size: w 4 3/4 x h 4 11/16 inches


    √ design the cover for the CD

Things to think about?


    What do you want the viewer to experience?


    How much or little color saturation should be in the design?  What is the mood?


    Think about the total visual qualities of the packaging, inside and outside.

How will the images relate to one another, color and type?


    You should mock-up your container more than once.



10/25    - introduction to the assignment;

                - 8 to 10 examples for research; color studies; written description; sketches due 10/28

10/28        - the rebuild name of group/artist (this should be done in Illustrator)

                   – have some photo's taken to start work on your booklet

                   – color studies, research, written description and sketches

10/30        - the stylized name of group/artist finished.

                    - begin to work on spreads

11/01   – see progress of Photoshop environments on booklet (at least 2 spreads done, no content)

11/04   – have most of photos taken | see 3 spreads

11/06  -  see all the spreads

11/08 – see all the spreads with content (this should be done in InDesign) & ideas for CD case

            - see continue progress and in class demo on mock-ups (this needs to in your P.B.)

               >>>you need to bring in some materials: x-acto knife, double side tape, ruler and

                        something  to cut on

11/11    - see the complete booklet layout with content for the final time

       and see designs on the CD case | see the CD case mocked-up (to scale with no design)

         • Discuss final project >Self promotion

11/13   – see the CD case mocked-up with the design, review of the CD booklet and  CD label

11/15    - project DUE: CD case, CD label and Booklet

 11/25 – 11/29      - Thanksgiving Break


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