HW – Brochure

HW – Brochure

October 9, 2013

1. Fix the previous newsletter and reprint out for monday.

2. Redesign Truman State University Resident Dining Guide Brochure. Here is the
Download Dinning Guide file and you muct include all the information. Here are the design requirement:

• 8.5 x 16; printed out on tabloid BW, double-sided

• You can have a bleed with this document

• only two fonts can be used

• 4 images must be incorporated into the layout and shot by you

                > images should be 300 dpi, tiff, and grey scale

• this brochure will be folded 3 times using eight-page parallel fold:

                 > every 4 inchs it will be folded

• finished size: 4 inches wide by 8.5 tall

• I need to see trim marks on your print out 

•.5 inch margins on top and bottom at the minimal

• do NOT use default tabs


Due 10/14 > printed out ready for class

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