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Newsletter redesign.

September 25, 2013

I have a web article from a blog and it needs to be redesigned in newletter form to be printed. Here is the link to the article an should be able to be copied and past the content into InDeign.    Here are the reqirements: – one color (black) , printed on 11×17, double-sided – … Read More

Basic Terms for Mac, printing and basic shorts

September 22, 2013

Download Basic shortcuts, printing and computer terms

stationery set

 example: Big Brother & Sisters A logo is a the point of entry to the brand. Milton Glaser, designer You will be creating an identity for a non-profit organization.  You will have to figure out the key characteristics of the organization and how you will be integrating them into logo.  Keep in mind how the logo will be translated/interpreted by the viewer.  What defines one’s identity? (characteristics)     • … Read More

HW – Spider’s Web

September 20, 2013

Download Spider web You need to redesign this flyer for the next class period. Black and white, no bleed, you create the graphics, print the grid lines and all the information except the logo at the bottom. You must use the Theatre logo which in up on my server space. The finished size is letter … Read More

Theatre poster info

September 17, 2013

Author–Federico Garcia LorcaTranslator–Lillian Groag

New Poster due Next class period

September 16, 2013

A client came in and needs a quick turn around. You can only pend 1-2 hour on this poster and you must put all the information that is on  yellow posting in your poster. The finished size is 11×17, one color, no bleed and NO stock images/illustrations but you can create your own illustrations. Have … Read More

Problem Files

September 13, 2013

Up on my Public Folder in VC1 their is a folder labeled "Problem Files", which have a series of two color posters with technical flaws with each poster. You need to figure out flaw(s) for each poster, write them down and how to fix the issue(s). Do NoT share your information with students in class … Read More

Printing Terms

September 12, 2013

  Bleed – Images or tint areas that reach all the way to the paper edges   Blue Line – A special kind of analog proof.  The printed result is only displayed in one color, blue.   CMYK –  Cyan, magenta, yellow, key-color (black). Subtractive color model used in four-color printing and four-color printers   … Read More


Bring your book, "Forms Folds Sizes" to class on Friday September 13.

Quotes 02

Practice safe design: USE A CONCEPT.       -Petrula Vrontikis     It's art if can't be explained. It's fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It's design if it doesn't need explanation.      -Wouter Stokkel   Eyerthing is designed. Few things are designed well.      - Brian Reed