#1 Presentation/brochure

#1 Presentation/brochure

August 26, 2013

Presentation on Designer


To understand Graphic Design(visual Communication), we must understand where it has been and where it is going.  Who are the people changing and influencing Graphic Design?


You will be giving a presentattion on a historical/contemporary designers.


§ 7-10 minutes presentation

§ DO NOT read from you notes

§ discuss at least 3 to 5 pieces of there work in detail(appraoch, style, attitude, etc.)

§ put "designed by your name" and section # – in small print

What to discuss?

What is their impact as a designer? 

What are their influences and inspirations?

What in your opion…(like and dislike about work)?  Why?


Informational Brochure

-8.5 x 11 tri-fold brochure/the brochure should reflect the Designers attitude/style

-must include 4 pieces of the designers work (full color)

-everything else will be designed black and another color

-the brochure is more about designer and his/her work

-you must make a brochure for each student in the class and the instructor

-must be created in InDesign (no web images!)


•  things to consider when building your brochure:

-what  is my grid, watch out for your gutters (no type should run through the gutter)

-how will the information be revealed

-are using graphics just to fill up space like: boxes, circles, lines



Modern Dog              Neville Brody

Margo Chase             David Carson

Milton Glaser           Carlos Segura

Paula Scher                 Seb Lester

Stefan Sagmeister    WHY NOT ASSOCIATES(group)

Chip Kidd                     Ryan McGinness

James Victore            Ann Willoughby 

Pentagram(group)    Hatch press

Saul Bass                        Paul Rand

Due: 9/04

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