Monthly Archives: November 2012

HW – Something has come up!

November 29, 2012

A client has come in at the last minute needing a redesign for this event. I have attached the poster with all the information as a Download Star Gazers. You must include all the main information but you do NOT have put Center for Student Involvement logo on the poster. No bleed, use a grid, … Read More

HW – Mobile Graphics for your Music CD

November 25, 2012

This is how I would like the file format to be when you turn in the graphics for the Music CD. Put all the files in one folder(last name for the folder name) and upload  to my public folder, under HW and into 3 Banners folder. This how I would like each file to be … Read More

HW – Mobile Graphics for your Music CD

November 16, 2012

Since this is a brand new CD we need to promote this for mobile devices. So this what I need: iPad, iPhone and Android 10" graphic that promotes this new Album (check out InDesign for help). You have already done all the graphics for the CD but must use the same graphic for each device. … Read More

HW- Rock Ya Body continues!! Again!!!

November 12, 2012

I have check the banners and animations, I see a lot of issues still. I have printed out comments on what to fix for each one of you and placed them outside my office. Most of you did NOT use the proper file format for your banners. Some of you did not make long enough … Read More