Monthly Archives: October 2012

HW – World Travel Newsletter & Rock ya Body

October 29, 2012

The final approval for World Travel Newsletter is Friday. I will spend NO more time in class to get this approved; you must come during my office hours to get it approved. On Friday I will be leaving early so do not expect to come in at the last minute to get the newsletter approved. … Read More

Postcards Update

October 25, 2012

For tomorrow in class have your PDF file for your postcards and JPEGS of each postcard as well. For the JPEGS: Last name an #(example: Derezinski_01.jpeg), RGB color mode, 72 dip and 12×8 or 8×12 inches. Please put the JPEGS  in Student work, in the #4 folder and sub folder: Presentation.

Career Week Flyer Due tomorrow

October 23, 2012

Your flyers (all three) will need to get an ok from me, otherwise no credit will be given for the home work.

HW – Career Week Flyer

October 18, 2012

10/19 see the second flyer with the first flyer printed out. 10/22 see all thre flyers printed out. Your layout and concept should stay the same for all three flyers. The only thing that should change is the graphics in each poster.    

Due dates

October 9, 2012

AIGA newsletter due at the beginning of class 10/10 Brochure due at the beginning of class 10/17 I do expect to see World Travel and Brochure for tomorrow if still not approved, printed out.

HW – Brochure & Newsletter

October 1, 2012

Have your newsletter and brochure reprinted out for Wednesday class. Those you that do not have your newsletter and brochure they are outside my office for you to pick-up. I am still want them in Black and White only; double-sided. READY at the beginning of class, not printing during class.