ART220 Typography

  • typographic variations Stage 10-12

    March 18, 2014

    requirements   stage 10: • all shades of  black and other color, graphic elements   • you need to utilize the grid structure in your layout   • The page size is 7 x 5 inches   • 2 different layouts due 3/21 stage 11: • all shades of  black and other color, graphic elements … Read More

  • typographic variations Stage 7- 9

    March 5, 2014

    requirements   stage 7: • You can only use Futura, Baskerville or Arial Black -No type can be cut off/repeated and overlapping • 3 font sizes, you can use 1 graphic elements (it can repeat) • black and 50% black, 25% black • utilize the grid structure • 2new different layouts due by 03/07     stage … Read More

  • ex b.2 typographic variations though changing parameters/poster design: 2

    February 26, 2014

        stage 4: • You can only use Times      -No type can be cut off/bold, italic, outline and overlapping • 2 font sizes, horizontal, vertical and diagonal type combinations • only black, no graphic elements • utilize the grid structure • 2 new different layouts due by 2/28     stage 5: • You can only … Read More

  • ex b.2 typographic variations though changing parameters/poster design:

    February 18, 2014

    Exploring composition in relationship to structure and the visual organization of space is critical to the development of this exercise. In this design activity, you will develop a grid structure based on content that will be provided by the instructor, and utilizing this grid structure you will create various layouts based upon parameters that will … Read More

  • Weekly Drop Cap

    As a Designer, many times we must create unique/individual letterforms to fit the message we are conveying. In turn we understand many different styles, approaches, techniques and influences to create these letterforms.  You will be designing Drop Caps (all capital) on a weekly base.  A Drop Cap is a large letter that drops below the … Read More

  • Type Anatomy 2

    January 27, 2014

    Here are some more PDF files:  Download Formal Attributes and   Download Parts of letters.

  • terms: identifying the parts

      apex: the peak of the uppercase letter A   arm: a projecting horizontal stroke that is unattached on one or both ends, such as the           letters T and E   ascender: a stroke on a lowercase form that rises above the meanline   bowl: a curved stroke enclosing the counterform of a letter.  An exception would be the            bottom of the lower case roman “g” which is called a loop   counter: the negative space that is full or partially enclosed by a letterform   crossbar:  the horizontal stroke connecting two sides of a letter. (e, H, A) or bisecting the             main stroke (t,f)   descender: stroke on a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline   ear: a small stroke the projects from the upper right side of the lowercase roman”g”   hairline: the thinnest stroke within a typeface has strokes of varying weights   leg: the lower diagonal stroke of the letter K   link: the stroke the connects the bowl and the loop of the lowercase roman g   serifs: short strokes that extent form and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of the             major strokes of a letterform   shoulder: a curved stroke projecting from the stem.   stem: a major vertical or diagonal stroke in the letter form.   … Read More

  • Type Anatomy

    Here is file Download Type anatomy and here is Download Typeface_anatomy 2 two.

  • The Art of the Pencil Comp

    Here is an article I would like read.  Here it is:  Download 16_enoughsaid