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Type in Motion -story telling

Letters become words, words in turn formulate ideas.     The goal of this visual expression in motion is to develop and produce a      40-60 quicktime movie flash based video using the power of      letterforms to describe a narrative event. Things to think about: • legibility and readability • context mood and drama • story telling verbally and visually … Read More


You have 1" or 2" border with the black foam core for spreads. 

Newsletter 2 Examples

Here some student: Download DiMarianoRearranged Download KathrynSutton_Baseline2

final presentation – Typographic Grids

You will turn in 8 of your grids and they must be mounted on 1/8” foam core board(B/W).  All 8 panels must be placed in a container/presentation structure. A second set of your grids with your names at the bottom will be turn in as well. All the grids will be printed out on a … Read More

typographic variations Stage 10-12

requirements   stage 10: • all shades of  black and other color, graphic elements   • you need to utilize the grid structure in your layout   • The page size is 7 x 5 inches   • 2 different layouts due 3/21 stage 11: • all shades of  black and other color, graphic elements … Read More

The Art of the Pencil Comp

Here is an article I would like read.  Here it is:  Download 16_enoughsaid

Process Book

  The outside of the process book should have your name, class and what section #.     Need to be organized, clear sleeves is one way to do this but you can 3 hole punch as well. Do not stack mutipule sheets in a sleeve, 2 max. This shows the discription of the project. … Read More

3 color grids

Student Examples

Convert SWF to Quicktime file

1. Open Flash file 2. File > Save As (to make duplicate of file) 3. Delete sound layer 4. Change frame rate to 12 FPS 5. File > Export movie (as Quicktime) 6. Open iMovie 7. Import Quicktime clip into iMovie 8. Drag Quicktime clip to iMovie stage 9. Clip adjustments — speed up to … Read More