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As a continuation of working with concepts of typographic structure and hierarchy we will explore the process and ideas inherent in the development and completion of a comprehensive newsletter spreads.  The focus of this exercise will be placed upon the development of the visual qualities of page structure. The primary focus of this exercise will … Read More

terms: identifying the parts

  apex: the peak of the uppercase letter A   arm: a projecting horizontal stroke that is unattached on one or both ends, such as the           letters T and E   ascender: a stroke on a lowercase form that rises above the meanline   bowl: a curved stroke enclosing the counterform of a letter.  An exception would be the            bottom of the lower case roman “g” which is called a loop   counter: the negative space that is full or partially enclosed by a letterform   crossbar:  the horizontal stroke connecting two sides of a letter. (e, H, A) or bisecting the             main stroke (t,f)   descender: stroke on a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline   ear: a small stroke the projects from the upper right side of the lowercase roman”g”   hairline: the thinnest stroke within a typeface has strokes of varying weights   leg: the lower diagonal stroke of the letter K   link: the stroke the connects the bowl and the loop of the lowercase roman g   serifs: short strokes that extent form and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of the             major strokes of a letterform   shoulder: a curved stroke projecting from the stem.   stem: a major vertical or diagonal stroke in the letter form.   … Read More

Type Anatomy 2

Here are some more PDF files:  Download Formal Attributes and   Download Parts of letters.

Type Anatomy

Here is file Download Type anatomy and here is Download Typeface_anatomy 2 two.