Type in Motion -story telling

Type in Motion -story telling

April 24, 2014

Letters become words, words in turn formulate ideas.

    The goal of this visual expression in motion is to develop and produce a 

    40-60 quicktime movie flash based video using the power of 

    letterforms to describe a narrative event.

Things to think about:

• legibility and readability

• context mood and drama

• story telling verbally and visually

• instill a feeling

• pace and rhythm

• time and timing

• voice and texture of type- shape size and color, position, 


• reveal and project meaning

• beginning and end

• memory, confession, joke. etc.

>integration of sound<




    • look at advertisements on television

    • develop a storyboard that utilizes type to show, and describe 

       what the piece is going to be.

         >>>>Download storyboards here !Download STORYBOARDS<<<<<<<


    • begin to develop the material that you need to complete this work:

                    develop type and find audio that you want to utilize


G    04/25    • introduction to problem/in class work

G   04/28    • exercise due/story boards due

G    04/30    • 15-20 seconds due

G    05/01   •  30-40 seconds due

11:30 MWF final on Monday, May 5 at 11:30

1:30 MWF final on Tuesday, May 6 at 1:30



    >no images can be used

    >stage size 640 x 360 px, frame rate is 24fps

    >animate two opposing words in a 10-15 second animation

    > incorporate sound


    > stage size is 1280 x 720 px, frame rate is 24fps, 40-60 seconds

    > no images can be used

    > no more than 3 different graphic elements can be used(you can repeat)

    > promotion (of a movie, event,show, ect..)/story is what will be created


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