Other Information relating to Flash

Other Information relating to Flash

April 24, 2014

Importing sound into GarageBand

    1. Open GarageBand

    2. Create project; save as “name”

    3. on the right hand side towards the bottom select the Media Browser 

         button, this has a music note on the button

    4. than select the Audio button, fined your music in iTunes

    5. drag the file the center panel and drop 

    6. move the play head where you want to split the audio

    7. Go to Edit (top menu bar), then to Split selected Audio Clip at 


    8. delete the section you do not want and move the sound file to the 

       beginning of the timeline.

    9. Go to Share (top menu bar), select Send Song to iTunes.  Name the 

        sound file and the folder it will be placed in iTunes.   Under 

        Compress Using: select MP3 Encoder and the Audio Setting  to HIgher 

        Quality.  You must save sound file as MP3, flash does not recognize

         MP4 file formats.    


 Bring sound into Flash    

    1. Go to File> Import >Import to Stage

    2. select the MP3 sound file

    3. create a new layer and name it sound.  Drag & drop the sound file 

         onto the stage

    4. select the Frame with the sound. Go to Properties> Sound > Sync: 

         select Stream.


Moving Keyframes

To move Keyframes in flash, hit COMMAND + CLICK with the mouse.  This will select the keyframe and you can move up or down the timeline. 

Here are some demos that can help you with flash:

1. Advance Motion Editor

2. The Bone Tool – Inverse Kinematics in Flash CS$

3. Flash CS4: Using the Deco TooL

4. Flash CS4 The Basic Motion Tween

5. Flash CS$ Multiple Motion Tweens On Same Layer


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