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Other Information relating to Flash

April 24, 2014

Importing sound into GarageBand     1. Open GarageBand     2. Create project; save as “name”     3. on the right hand side towards the bottom select the Media Browser           button, this has a music note on the button     4. than select the Audio button, fined your music in iTunes     5. drag the file the center panel and drop      6. … Read More

Type in Motion -story telling

Letters become words, words in turn formulate ideas.     The goal of this visual expression in motion is to develop and produce a      40-60 quicktime movie flash based video using the power of      letterforms to describe a narrative event. Things to think about: • legibility and readability • context mood and drama • story telling verbally and visually … Read More


April 22, 2014

You have 1" or 2" border with the black foam core for spreads. 

Final Presentation on Drop Caps

April 16, 2014

All the Drop Caps are due Friday 4/25. Here is the pdf file of the  Download Drop cap final layout. Choose from the 18 drop caps to turn in 13 and you must include "z" letterform. Start with numbers, than letters and finish with "Z" letterform. 

Newsletter 2 Examples

April 11, 2014

Here some student: Download DiMarianoRearranged Download KathrynSutton_Baseline2

Newsletter 2

– must stylized head (using Illustrator) – must use only three colors (one black and two other pantone colors) – 4 spreads (8 pages) – no images but can use other typographic elements and graphics – must include folios – using the same content in the first newsletter – you will print out 2 versions: … Read More


April 4, 2014

As a continuation of working with concepts of typographic structure and hierarchy we will explore the process and ideas inherent in the development and completion of a comprehensive newsletter spreads.  The focus of this exercise will be placed upon the development of the visual qualities of page structure. The primary focus of this exercise will … Read More