final presentation – Typographic Grids

final presentation – Typographic Grids

March 26, 2014

You will turn in 8 of your grids and they must be mounted on 1/8” foam core board(B/W).  All 8 panels must be placed in a container/presentation structure. A second set of your grids with your names at the bottom will be turn in as well. All the grids will be printed out on a heavy matte paper.


    Due April 02

– container, two sets of grids, process book and pdf file of your 8 grids.


    container/presentation structure

    Container- to enclose, to have capacity for, hold contents    

     Container- a carton, crate, jar, bottle, box etc. for receiving or holding something


• need to research containers/sculpture/materials for construction

• sketch out models/styles and ideas in sketchbook

• the elements that go into the design of this structure such as;

 materials, binding, style, size and functionality are up to you resolve

• keep in mind the possibility of relating the exterior to interior

• Strong design and technical approach (high level of craftsmanship)

• developing total visual qualities of inside and outside





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