Weekly Drop Cap

Weekly Drop Cap

February 18, 2014

As a Designer, many times we must create unique/individual letterforms to fit the message we are conveying. In turn we understand many different styles, approaches, techniques and influences to create these letterforms.  You will be designing Drop Caps (all capital) on a weekly base.  A Drop Cap is a large letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph. These forms should a one of kind typographic shapes; unique, distinctive, readable and personalize letterforms.


Inspiration: http://www.dailydropcap.com/ and http://www.houseind.com/

                  (Use these sites for inspiration not REGURGITATION)



– on a weekly bases design two to three letterforms using Illustrator

– each week you have a specific description to create with each Drop Cap

– the Letterform must be no bigger than 3 x 3 inches

– Print out on letter sheet of paper two/three Drop Caps on one page (laser jet)



                  Due 2/26

                  A or B – Antique

                  C or D – Modern


                  Due 3/05

                  E or F – Playful

                  G or H – Elegant



                  Due 3/12 Midterm Break


                  Due 3/19

                  I or J – Broad

                  K or L – Narrow

#2 or 3 – built 3D (not done on the computer)


                  Due 3/26

                  M or N – Organic (must include illustrations inside the form)

                  O or P – Mechanical (the form must be segmented)

#4 or 5 – Halloween


                  Due 4/02

                  R or S – done by hand (no computer building)

                  T or U – no using the computer or hand writing process can be

                                used:(like drawing, brush, water color)

#6 or 7 – Futuristic


                  Due 4/09

                  V or W – have a border/framing device

                  X or Y -fluid

#8 or 9 – collage


                  Due 4/16

                  z- highly decorative form; 6×6 in size


                  Due 4/23

                 all drop caps due printed out on 13×19 sheet of paper & mounted

  flush to black foam core/foam board 



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