Combination Letterforms

Combination Letterforms

January 15, 2014
Over the past several years we have seen words become more physical, more embodied, more pictorial. Typography serves to attract attention, interpret content, set a mood or establish and identity for an institution.
Each typeface in turn has it’s own unique texture and tone.   As designers we need to examine it s inner parts and find its appropriated expression of action and state of being.
In this exercise, we will begin with the basics unit “ a letter”.  Throughout this problem we will be unraveling typographic structures and exploring this medium as the message.


Combination letterform
02 X6


Using whatever mean you have access to generate letterforms:
Today there is great emphasis placed upon the experimentation and exploration of typographic design. The artist/designer should become sensitive to the characteristics and intricacies of type.  In this design activity, you will create four pieces that result from the interaction of two dissimilar letterforms.


Present two finished compositions that reveal the dynamics qualities of form/space that occur from letter form interactions.


>>create two designs that combine two distinct/dissimilar letterforms
>>begin by creating thumbnails(3” x 3”) of letter form combinations 20 to 30 minimum.
• produce a variety of diverse visual solutions
• typefaces choices are limited to arial, baskerville, courier new, garamond, 
   gill sans, helvetica, palatino and times in the style and weights provided.

 >>choose the best four and begin to enlarge and refine the spatial relationships

• exploring aspects of figure and ground
• develop in b/w
>>each composition will be developed and finalized within a 6” x 6” area


>>explore size relationships, spatial intervals and weight as you work
   through these exercises (typographic form and composition)


>>establish consistency between and formulate the shape of each stroke
    that you create in relationship to the form of the whole

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