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Type Anatomy 2

January 27, 2014

Here are some more PDF files:  Download Formal Attributes and   Download Parts of letters.

terms: identifying the parts

  apex: the peak of the uppercase letter A   arm: a projecting horizontal stroke that is unattached on one or both ends, such as the           letters T and E   ascender: a stroke on a lowercase form that rises above the meanline   bowl: a curved stroke enclosing the counterform of a letter.  An exception would be the            bottom of the lower case roman “g” which is called a loop   counter: the negative space that is full or partially enclosed by a letterform   crossbar:  the horizontal stroke connecting two sides of a letter. (e, H, A) or bisecting the             main stroke (t,f)   descender: stroke on a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline   ear: a small stroke the projects from the upper right side of the lowercase roman”g”   hairline: the thinnest stroke within a typeface has strokes of varying weights   leg: the lower diagonal stroke of the letter K   link: the stroke the connects the bowl and the loop of the lowercase roman g   serifs: short strokes that extent form and at an angle to the upper and lower ends of the             major strokes of a letterform   shoulder: a curved stroke projecting from the stem.   stem: a major vertical or diagonal stroke in the letter form.   … Read More

Type Anatomy

Here is file Download Type anatomy and here is Download Typeface_anatomy 2 two.

The Art of the Pencil Comp

Here is an article I would like read.  Here it is:  Download 16_enoughsaid

Typographic Construction and Anatomy:

Form development/creation for redesign Letterforms are the basic language of typography: these visual signs serve as device that help thoughts become visible.  Today there is great emphasis placed upon the experimentation and exploration of typographic design.  The artist/designer should become sensitive to characteristics and intricacies of letterforms design.   In this problem we will look at … Read More

Combination Letterforms

January 15, 2014

Over the past several years we have seen words become more physical, more embodied, more pictorial. Typography serves to attract attention, interpret content, set a mood or establish and identity for an institution.   Each typeface in turn has it’s own unique texture and tone.   As designers we need to examine it s inner parts … Read More

Typographic Introduction

January 13, 2014

Using whatever means you have access to generate letterforms: Found in a magazine/newspaper, rubbings, use of a camera, computer generated etc. I would like you to create a typographic introduction of yourself.  This pieces should include your name and something of interest you would like to mention about your self (15-30 words).  This piece should be … Read More

Communications Arts Student Subscriptions

January 7, 2014

Here is the link to get the $39 special student rate. Click here.

My computer address

Connect to the server and use this address to connect to my computer: OP122701  Login on as a guest. Go to Folder Art 220.  

Process Book

  The outside of the process book should have your name, class and what section #.     Need to be organized, clear sleeves is one way to do this but you can 3 hole punch as well. Do not stack mutipule sheets in a sleeve, 2 max. This shows the discription of the project. … Read More