Mixing it up: Upscaling Watercolor

ART219 Illustration

  • Mixing it up: Upscaling Watercolor

    February 11, 2010

    You have been working on small watercolors for a few weeks and your technique is improving. I want to mix it up on this assignment and push you out of your comfort zone – if you have one. Time to do a "big" piece. Topic/subject is open – Landscape, cityscape, skyscape, still-life, people or architecture, … Read More

  • Three Image Gouache Montage

    February 10, 2010

    Start looking for 3 photographs (convert to grayscale). The images must be any 3 unrelated subjects. You are going to use these 3 images to compose and combine them into one functioning full-color composition. You will be using the Lucy (Art-o-graph) Remind me in class on Monday and I will show you examples of previous … Read More

  • Some more examples from your blogs

    Here are a few more watercolors I found on you blogs that I think are coming along nicely.   Alyssa Noe   Chelsea Shelton   Mark Misiewicz   Rebekah Gates

  • Take it to the limit

    Wow, what an easy class today. So Friday is a work day on the two formal projects that are due on Monday. Bring your supplies so you can make good progress on these illustrations in class. You need to take whatever time you have been spending on the 10 watercolors and dedicate that time to … Read More

  • Student sampler

    February 8, 2010

    Here are some of your watercolors that I've gleaned from your blogs that I liked. Keep up the good work! Damn!   Chelsea Shelton – watercolor   Regi Alonso – watercolor   Laura Wellington – watercolor Mark Misiewicz – watercolor   Rebekah Gates – watercolor

  • Two projects

    Here's the blog for what I assigned today in class. Project 1: Newspaper article line-art illustration Find an article in last weeks Index or a current issue of the Post-Dispach, USA Today or the NY Times. Your task is to create a line-art illustration that visually describes, compliments or captures a significant action in the … Read More

  • Here is my latest watercolor demo

    February 3, 2010

    OK, this one took about an hour and a half.

  • Watching Terry

    I hope watching Terry is helpful. I know he is a bit cheesy, but he does demonstrate a lot of various techniques for you to try and get good at. I think the biggest things to keep in mind when working with watercolor is to not be afraid of color saturation, not to overwork and … Read More

  • 10 More for Wednesday

    February 2, 2010

    Have your ten watercolors for Weds. For those of you who missed the ten on Monday, bring them in too. Also, bring in your final wildlife watercolor. I want to see them. Did you have to start over? I bring mine in to show too. Don't forget to blog. A couple of you are behind. … Read More

  • Architecture Demo

    January 29, 2010

    Here's my architecture watercolor demo. Remember, washed shapes to block in color and line work for detail and definition. This illustration did utilize the glazing technique. Try it. Remember to let the previous wash dry before attempting to glaze. In one stroke, apply the color and let it dry.