It’s a new world record

ART219 Illustration

  • It’s a new world record

    November 10, 2011

    New assignment time! The assignment is to create a four-color illustration to be used in a two-page magazine article spread. The article is about World Records and the people who attempt and manage to set them. So, this is an editorial illustration and should have visual stopping power to keep the magazine reader from just … Read More

  • Fresh pickings from the blogs

    November 1, 2011

    Here are some new pics I found on your blogs of successful illustrations on the various assignments: In no particular order… Good job, you made the refrigerator. Megan Doil: Life and Death Krsten Henry: Life and Death Shelby Maggart: Life and Death Kayla Tuley: Lincoln poster Tim Cooper: 20 x 30 Watercolor Alan Waidmann: 20 … Read More

  • Back up and running

    October 27, 2011

    Well, I can tell registration is in full swing. I haven't blogged lately. I have the mid-term portfolios graded, so remind me to hand out the sheets tomorrow in class. The grades you'll see do not take into consideration any absences that I am tracking. I have them plugged in my software but not tracking … Read More

  • Reset

    October 7, 2011

    OK, here is the post to bring everything back under control. For Monday, Oct. 10: I want to see the Lincoln 13 x 19 printout – mounted in the way I like. I'm moving the #5 illustration due date to Oct. 17. #5 printout due Oct. 21 – mounted. I did say in class that … Read More

  • As Promised.

    October 5, 2011

    Here is one example of the #5 assignment a student did a couple of years ago. Except it was the #7 assignment for them. I'll try to dig out more. No promises.

  • Midterm portfolio

    September 30, 2011

    You need to assemble the following and post to your blog in a post titled Midterm Portfolio. Your best examples of: 3 Traditional line art illustrations 2 Watercolor illustrations 3 Traditional line and color illustrations 1 Gouache illustration 1 Digital line art illustration 1 Digtial line/color illustration 1 YOUR CHOICE Also, I would like to … Read More

  • Number 5 Illustration

    This assignment is a visual problem solving, content/concept driven illustration. The subject matter is the idea of Five. Five what? That is for you to decide and visualize in an illustration. Vague as hell. Don't you just love creative freedom? Illustration specs: Media: open to any media we have worked with in class – line … Read More

  • Comps!

    So, we went through a very easy (they will get tougher) introductory approval process for the Lincoln poster illustration. Some were approved, some not. Those that didn't get my little red OK on it, rework, fix the problems and show it to me again on Monday.

  • Deadline revisions

    As stated today in class, deadline for the printing of your 3 image gouache montage is kicked back to Wednesday. Most, if not all of the montage assignment were not acceptable/approveable yet. 40 to 60 % complete.That would be about how I would grade it too. Not even close to portfolio qualtiy. Most looked only … Read More

  • More fridge pics

    September 28, 2011

    Here are a few more examples found on your blogs.   Colleen Glaeser: Digital painting