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Selfie – Redux

We looked at your ten Facebook self-portraits and we narrowed it down to one that you are going to rework. You have 4 hours to rework this one line art illustration at 200%. Again, you are enlarging the small version and trying to retain the qualities of the small original while taking advantage of the … Read More


For Friday, 10 different self-portrait line art illustrations. The purpose, other than this being a really good pain-in-the-butt assignment, is to do something that can be used as a Facebook profile photo. This does not mean it has to be a Facebook photo you have already posted. You can shoot new self-portrait photographs and control … Read More

10 a day number 4: object again

OK, this time it is ten different objects and you will select/choose the appropriate line art technique for each individual drawing of the object. As I talked about in class, this is another layer of critical thinking and decision-making to contend with. Hopefully, some of the initial work you have done with line art techniques … Read More

10 a day number 3: Natural object

OK, now let's move to a natural object to render with line art. Same object, ten times – just like the first twenty of man-made objects. Does the simple change in subject matter have an impact? What techniqes seem more natural to the subjec matter. I talked a bit today about line quality and that … Read More

Shooting and using photo reference

If you haven't figured it out yet, you will be shooting a lot of your own photography reference throughout the semester. You don't need a high end camera to do this, although a good digital SLR is nice. I just wanted to post some tips for you when shooting reference. Pick a good time of … Read More

10 a day number 2: Line Art Architecture

As assigned in class, for Weds…. 10 line art architectural illustrations are due. Same drill as the first batch. The same subject matter inked up 10 different ways/styles/techniques. Do these ten with traditional media… you will have a chance in class to work one up in Photoshop using the tablet. Remember, we are neck deep … Read More

Another post on time

I started off on the blog this semester with a post on the amount of time it takes to become an expert. This post is about the time this course will require. I worked it out… you will spend 18 hours a week on this class. That is 6 hours in class and 12 hours … Read More

The Big Nasty

Next week assemble all your Gouache, Matte Medium, Gesso, and cold press illustration board. We will begin Gouache on Weds in class. I'll show you what to do on Monday for prepping what we will be doing. In class Monday, bring in your 20 x 30 watercolor to work on. We'll see how it is … Read More

Thoughts and tips

So, I was showing you today with the demo of little bird, the idea of blocking colors, wet on wet of the various components of the piece. Letting it dry and then coming back in on top of the dried, wet on wet and working with painted line for structure and detail. The cool thing … Read More

10 more line art drawings… they seem so similar

For Wednesday… Ten more line art drawings from observation – 5.5 x 8.5". This time pick one subject matter/composition to draw ten different ways. Each one of the ten should have a different look and feel based on how you use line. Line Art only. We looked at and saw a broad variety of ways … Read More