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Refrigerator picks

Here are a couple of blog picks for the digital refrigerator. Derek Jones: Gouache Kristen Williams: Watercolor Derek Jones: Watercolor Becca Reitz: Watercolor

Thoughts and tips

So, I was showing you today with the demo of little bird, the idea of blocking colors, wet on wet of the various components of the piece. Letting it dry and then coming back in on top of the dried, wet on wet and working with painted line for structure and detail. The cool thing … Read More

10 more line art drawings… they seem so similar

For Wednesday… Ten more line art drawings from observation – 5.5 x 8.5". This time pick one subject matter/composition to draw ten different ways. Each one of the ten should have a different look and feel based on how you use line. Line Art only. We looked at and saw a broad variety of ways … Read More

10 Line Art Drawings

For Monday, execute 10 observational line drawings. Black line with whatever drawing equipment you want to try – Sharpies, pen and ink nibs, Micron pens, Rapidographs… whatever. Subjects for these 10 drawings are your choice. Size: 5.5 x 8.5, landscape or portrait format. We will look at the 10 drawings in class on Monday.

An assignment that accomplishes something specific

I need an illustration for a poster to promote a competiton about Abraham Lincoln and his life and contributions to this country.  Truman State University's Library Special Collections sponsors this competition for student artisits, researchers and writers. The competition is open to K-12 students and college undergraduates. Awards and prizes are given to the best … Read More

3-Image Gouache Montage

Start messing around with the new gouache paints and become familiar with them. Gouache is very similar to traditional watercolor, but it has the flexibility to go opaque if you mix it thicker. This is a handy attribute. I showed you today the gesso, mat medium and water mixture to coat your paper or illustration … Read More

What you need to have this week

Don't forget to blog the Memory Portrait that was due today. Some of these looked really good. For Wednesday, the 20 x 30 watercolor landscape. This should look really, really good. See previous post. For Friday, 5 watercolor and line art facebook/blog profile self-portraits, size: 7 x 7 inch and 5 line art digital tablet … Read More

If you can’t make it good, make it big.

That is an old Viscom axiom. We'll see if it holds up. For Wednesday, have one 20 x 30 inch landscape watercolor completed. Observed or from photo reference – watercolor paper or cold press illustration board. Remember to make a good composition, have good lighting and paint something interesting to look at. Think of foreground, … Read More

Memory Portrait

For Monday… You are mentally picturing a relative or friend (NO FRIGG'N PICTURES) and you will execute a line art and color wash portrait of this person. Easy, easy. Work the process of 5, 10 or more rough sketches to find the image you want to produce then transfer it to the larger size. Final … Read More

Size does matter!

So, for Friday in addition to the three line final illustrations that are due… You are working on only three watercolors to be reviewed at the start of class. But the difference this time is scale. I want to look at two 9 x 12 watercolors and one 12 x 18 watercolor. Subject is open … Read More