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Stamp of approval

OK. Our new assignment is to illustrate and design a stamp series (series of 4 stamps). The topic of the stamps can be commemorative, collectable or stamps pertaining to your personal heritage. The four stamps cannot simply be one illustration used four times in each stamp… no, no, no, never that simple. You can use … Read More

Refrigerator picks

Here are a couple of blog picks for the digital refrigerator. Derek Jones: Gouache Kristen Williams: Watercolor Derek Jones: Watercolor Becca Reitz: Watercolor

Fridge Pics

Here's a few. Kathryn Sutton – digital, Katie Wu – watercolor and Amanda Aichholz – gouache Sweet!    

Fresh catch blog picks

Amanda Aichholz and Becky Bruning

Today’s fresh picks.

Sarah Downen

Just for grins

This would be on the beer fridge in the garage.

Today’s fridge pics

Here are some new pics. Line art and watercolor. In no particular order.    

Fresh picks from the blog

Here are a several more fridge picks. Sarah Downen, Kathryn Sutton and Amanda Aichholz – Damn!

Another Blog Pick

Kathryn is getting on the fridge today. These are really nice watercolor studies. If you haven't been blogging your work, do so. I'm creeping on your blogs and plus, how much, how well you are keeping up on your blog will be reflected in your mid-term and final grades.Yes, that is the threat.  

The Refrigerator

OK, I've been out looking at the blogs (that are currently listed on left – anyone missing?) and have grabbed a few really nice examples of the work you have been doing. Getting your work on the main blog is equivelant to getting your work on Mom's refrigerator. "Oh, I'm so proud"! So here are … Read More