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Society of Illustrators Poster Illustration

New Illustration assignment. Size: 16 x 20 final printout, mounted with one inch black border. Prompt: Need a kick-butt image to be used on the poster side of the Call for Entry direct mailer that the Society of Illustrator's mail out to professional illustrators and students. As the art director and client, I want to … Read More

Number 3

This is your next assignment to begin work conceptualizing. Illustrate the number 3. Media is open – your choice of any of the techniques we have been working with in class. You can use or not use photographic reference. I showed examples of this assignment during class today. I would like to see concept sketches … Read More

New project never before attempted in ART219

New Size Information: Albums are 12.375 inches square – CDs are 4.75 inches square (Thanks Michelle) The iTunes cover art is 131 pixels square at 72 ppi. This is a totally new project. You will determine if it will ever be assigned again in the future. So, start thinking about, planning and making some decisions … Read More

Cheesy Airbrush

OK. Here is the Cheesy assignment to showcase your new airbrush skills. No pre-drawn, illustrated or existing cartoon characters. In fact, this assignment doesn't even have to be a cartoon. Your prompt is "Cheesy". What can you creatively and visually do with it? Actual size/Print size: 10 x 14 inch. Timeline: November 15: Color Comp … Read More

Product Illustrations Blog picks

Here is the fresh batch of blog picks for the Product Illustration.  Reina Koyano Becky Hernandez Emma Dunlap Julianne Gross   Rocio Hopson

3 Image Gouache Montage

This project is about working with gouache and the techniques you have just been introduced to. Pick three non-related images and assemble into a single unified composition. You can use acquired images or shoot pics yourself. Size of original 10 x 12.5, Size out final output (inkjet) 8 x 10. 80% of the original. We … Read More

Post mid-term project – Product illustration

So, although the Red Barn pamphlet project was a significant project for you to try to execute at an approveable level… This new project is our first post-midterm assignment. What is needed by your "client" is a tightly rendered illustration of their product (you pick the product or… name your own poison). No painted backgrounds, … Read More

Mural Design

I know, this is an impulse project. But it is a good exerices in process and dealing with a specific visual problem. Parameters for the initial design of the Mural: mural on the southern wall of the newly-renovated Ryle cafeteria – 52 x 8 ft. a design or ideas for a design that encompass campus/community/global … Read More

Brochure Illustrations for Red Barn

You are producing two line art and color illustrations for a Red Barn promotional pamphlet. One will be used on the cover and the other on the inside spread of an 8.5 x 11 trifold pamphlet. This is a four color print job. Go to Red Barn this weekend for inspiration and to shoot photographic … Read More

Client (me) approves on Weds.

So for Weds., we are looking at .pdfs of your lineart/color poster illustrations in your poster design. This could either be me approving it as an art director or as a client. We will see if there are any that I think are at a high degree of execution, technique and concept. You need to … Read More