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Book Cover Illustration

If you haven't already read one of the following books, do so quickly. You are illustrating the cover artwork for a dust jacket cover on a hard cover book, a CD Audio Book and iTunes Cover art. These are classic books and the cover art has been done numerous times, so give me something fresh … Read More

Native American Heritage Month

I mentioned this in class on today, here is the next assignment. This is an image I need for a promotional poster for events on campus in association with November being Native American Heritage Month. Also, you are designing the poster with content supplied below. Here are the specs for the poster. Final poster size … Read More

UPDATE: First Post-midterm assignment with purpose and reward!

So, if you have noodled throught the student gallery of this blog and on the art department website, you will have seen examples of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, this is the Lincoln competition assignment sponsored by the Univeristy. There are cash prizes involved if your illustration is selected. 1st place = $200.00 and 2nd place = … Read More

Number 9

This assignment is a visual problem solving, content/concept driven illustration. The subject matter is the idea of Nine. Nine what? That is for you to decide and visualize in an illustration. Vague as hell. Don't you just love creative freedom? CONCEPT – something other than what I might expect to see. If you are just … Read More

10 more line art drawings… they seem so similar

For Wednesday… Ten more line art drawings from observation – 5.5 x 8.5". This time pick one subject matter/composition to draw ten different ways. Each one of the ten should have a different look and feel based on how you use line. Line Art only. We looked at and saw a broad variety of ways … Read More


So, we went through a very easy (they will get tougher) introductory approval process for the Lincoln poster illustration. Some were approved, some not. Those that didn't get my little red OK on it, rework, fix the problems and show it to me again on Monday.

An assignment that accomplishes something specific

I need an illustration for a poster to promote a competiton about Abraham Lincoln and his life and contributions to this country.  Truman State University's Library Special Collections sponsors this competition for student artisits, researchers and writers. The competition is open to K-12 students and college undergraduates. Awards and prizes are given to the best … Read More

Profile Portrait

Make sure you upload your best profile watercolor self-portrait to your blog profile. I want to see how it holds up in a small format.

Wednesday 20 x 30

So I won't surprise you again, I want a 50% inkjet printout of your second 20 x 30 watercolor, mounted on black mat board or foamcore with a 1 inch border. Photograph or scan the original artwork and color balance as close to the original as you can get it before you send to the … Read More

Next week is Gouache

Bring in your gouache sets next week. One more media to introduce to you. Bring in your brushes, pallet and paper and/or cold press illustration board. With luck, I'll do a demo for you. It is pronounced G-wash, not goo-achee.