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Blog, Blog, Blog!

Get to blogging. I want to see and read activity on your blog. Write something worth reading and that is entertaining for your professor. Post images of your work… the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty. I do factor blogging into mid-term and final grades.

Post Mid-term

We are going to have about 5-6 weeks to produce 6 illustrations before the end of the semester. These assignments will be over-lapping at various states of completion – comp, final art and inkjet printing. If you aren't good at juggling – get good – it's a necessary survival skill. Other than the 3-image Gouache … Read More

The Big Nasty

Next week assemble all your Gouache, Matte Medium, Gesso, and cold press illustration board. We will begin Gouache on Weds in class. I'll show you what to do on Monday for prepping what we will be doing. In class Monday, bring in your 20 x 30 watercolor to work on. We'll see how it is … Read More

Just to let you know.

OK, here's the deal… we will talk about this tomorrow in class – don't forget to bring in your watercolor stuff – but, I won't be in class on Friday. I am traveling on a recruiting trip and visiting a high school art class. I won't make you get up at 7:15 this Friday. Don't … Read More

It’s a new world record

New assignment time! The assignment is to create a four-color illustration to be used in a two-page magazine article spread. The article is about World Records and the people who attempt and manage to set them. So, this is an editorial illustration and should have visual stopping power to keep the magazine reader from just … Read More

As Promised.

Here is one example of the #5 assignment a student did a couple of years ago. Except it was the #7 assignment for them. I'll try to dig out more. No promises.

Next week is Gouache

Bring in your gouache sets next week. One more media to introduce to you. Bring in your brushes, pallet and paper and/or cold press illustration board. With luck, I'll do a demo for you. It is pronounced G-wash, not goo-achee.

If you can’t make it good, make it big.

That is an old Viscom axiom. We'll see if it holds up. For Wednesday, have one 20 x 30 inch landscape watercolor completed. Observed or from photo reference – watercolor paper or cold press illustration board. Remember to make a good composition, have good lighting and paint something interesting to look at. Think of foreground, … Read More

Memory Portrait

For Monday… You are mentally picturing a relative or friend (NO FRIGG'N PICTURES) and you will execute a line art and color wash portrait of this person. Easy, easy. Work the process of 5, 10 or more rough sketches to find the image you want to produce then transfer it to the larger size. Final … Read More

Color Wheel

Also for Friday, have a watercolor color wheel with primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Just like Terry's.