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Midterm portfolio

Believe it or not, it is time to prep your midterm portfolio. This is my one of two points that I grade the work you have produced this semester. This is a blog portfolio with nicely scanned images posted and a reflection on the work, technique, time it took, th success you believe you had … Read More

Avoid galleries when posting your portfolio

If you would please, post your portfolio submissions one at a time with the image and text. I can't download your work from the blog if it is in a gallery (WordPress mainly). Thanks.

Midterm portfolo (revised)

Next week is mid-term and time to submit your midterm portfolio for the first of your grading opportunities. This is all online on your blog. Here is what I want to see in your blog portfolo. 2 of your best line-art 10-a-day illustrations 2 of your best watercolor 10-a-day illustrations – (OR 1 optional selection … Read More

Back up and running

Well, I can tell registration is in full swing. I haven't blogged lately. I have the mid-term portfolios graded, so remind me to hand out the sheets tomorrow in class. The grades you'll see do not take into consideration any absences that I am tracking. I have them plugged in my software but not tracking … Read More

Midterm portfolio

You need to assemble the following and post to your blog in a post titled Midterm Portfolio. Your best examples of: 3 Traditional line art illustrations 2 Watercolor illustrations 3 Traditional line and color illustrations 1 Gouache illustration 1 Digital line art illustration 1 Digtial line/color illustration 1 YOUR CHOICE Also, I would like to … Read More


Don't forget to create a blog so you can begin posting your work and thoughts of what you are doing in class. You can use blogger, wordpress or, what's the other one…? This blog has grade weight in your mid-term and final portfolio grades. Give it serious attention. Don't forget to send me a link … Read More

Final Portfolio Specs

OK, here is what I need from you for your final portfolio. This is due on our final. I have counted up the "projects" we have worked on and here is the list of what we have accomplished. Facebook Profile illustration Group/Event Poster illustration Red Barn pamphlet illustrations (cover and inside) Product illustration 3-image Gouache … Read More