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Blog, Blog, Blog!

Get to blogging. I want to see and read activity on your blog. Write something worth reading and that is entertaining for your professor. Post images of your work… the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty. I do factor blogging into mid-term and final grades.

Doing the gouache.

We will continue working with initial gouache skill building on Friday, so have a board ready to work on in class (pre prepped – drawing done and coated – ready to pick and grin). Subject matter doesn't matter. You pick (no pun intended). Have the one you worked on in class today ready to review … Read More

Welcome to ART219 Illustration

The new school year is about to start. I hope everyone had a good summer, is well rested and ready to go. I have a lot of illustration techniques and process for you to learn this semester. I can't wait to get started. I'm going to have some recent work in the Faculty exhibition this … Read More


Just got a call. The jury trial I was scheduled for on Monday has been called off. I'll be in class during the whole time. So, prep and bring in another 8.5 x 11 or bigger watercolor to work on in class. Subject matter is up to you. Keep the subject fairly simple so you … Read More

Just to let you know.

OK, here's the deal… we will talk about this tomorrow in class – don't forget to bring in your watercolor stuff – but, I won't be in class on Friday. I am traveling on a recruiting trip and visiting a high school art class. I won't make you get up at 7:15 this Friday. Don't … Read More

Midterm portfolio

You need to assemble the following and post to your blog in a post titled Midterm Portfolio. Your best examples of: 3 Traditional line art illustrations 2 Watercolor illustrations 3 Traditional line and color illustrations 1 Gouache illustration 1 Digital line art illustration 1 Digtial line/color illustration 1 YOUR CHOICE Also, I would like to … Read More

Work day on Wednesday

Bring your supplies to class on Weds. You can work on your 3-image gouache and/or your Lincoln poster illustration initial concept and comp.

Watercolor begins next week

We will begin working with watercolor next week. Bring your tools and supplies to class on Weds. We finish up the last Terry Madden watercolor video on Friday, so you should all be well-versed in technique. I'll do some demos on Weds and you can paint along. Buy plenty of the watercolor paper pads. We … Read More


Don't forget to create a blog so you can begin posting your work and thoughts of what you are doing in class. You can use blogger, wordpress or, what's the other one…? This blog has grade weight in your mid-term and final portfolio grades. Give it serious attention. Don't forget to send me a link … Read More

Make a class blog

Don't forget to email me your blog link so I can add it to the ART219 blog.  I already have a couple of winners.