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Final Portfolio

OK, here is the info about wrapping up this semester. Final portfolio consist of… 1. All post mid-term illustration assignments printed and mounted appropriately. – Due on Monday (by end of class). 2. A final multiple-page final pdf of all post midterm illustrations. – Due to my public folder by 11:59:59 p.m., Monday. – This … Read More

Final Portfolio

I wanted to get this posted so you know what to focus your attention on. Remember, you can rework anything on the following list to submit to your portfolio. So, if your illustration didn't turn out well the first time you worked on it, you have another stab at it. Post Mid-term assignments to select … Read More

Profile Portrait

Make sure you upload your best profile watercolor self-portrait to your blog profile. I want to see how it holds up in a small format.

Final Portfolio Specs

OK, here is what I need from you for your final portfolio. This is due on our final. I have counted up the "projects" we have worked on and here is the list of what we have accomplished. Facebook Profile illustration Group/Event Poster illustration Red Barn pamphlet illustrations (cover and inside) Product illustration 3-image Gouache … Read More

Three Image Gouache Montage

We are looking at your completed illustrations on Friday with the idea that they are ready for final approval for publication. If not approved… Oh no. Be ready. Be good.

Client (me) approves on Weds.

So for Weds., we are looking at .pdfs of your lineart/color poster illustrations in your poster design. This could either be me approving it as an art director or as a client. We will see if there are any that I think are at a high degree of execution, technique and concept. You need to … Read More

Break is over – 2 final line art illustrations

For Wednesday… you are working on final versions of a line art illustrations. One from observation and one from a photographic reference. Final size is 8 x 10 inch. Pick the best one of the first 10 sketches and one of the second 10 or the third 5. Confused? Anyway, spend 3 hours on each … Read More

Final Portfolio

For your final illustration portfolio. I want a multiple page, single .pdf of 8 of your best illustrations this semester. Turn in to my public folder on my computer. I also want the final selections blogged and commented on. The portfolio can be comprised of both exercises and projects. I weigh projects heavier than exercises … Read More

Final Portfolio

Time to start assembling your final illustration portfolio. I want eight of your best illustrations from this semester. You can only use two of your 10 daily watercolors in your portfolio. Why? I could get a monkey to do a two decent watercolors out of fifty. It is a low bar. Uplifting, ain't I? Feel … Read More