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Five more bird watercolors

Keeping it simple and straight forward. Five more bird watercolors for Monday. Also, have one more ready to paint in class on Monday. We'll change subject matter next week.

Airbrush stuff

OK. To officially blog what I assigned today. 10 masked cubes (1 color) and 10 freehand cubes (1 color) due on Wednesday 10th. The one really good planet and fruit is due on Monday 15th. Timelines for the Album Art, Book cover and Cheesy remain the same. Grace under pressure. Who's going to crack? You … Read More

Another Big Watercolor Opportunity

Another big watercolor due on Friday. Another wonderful change to watercolor. If one looks bad, do two. If two looks bad… third time is charm. Topic is you choice. We will see what they look like tomorrow.

Still messing around with technique

So, for Friday we are looking at 5 line/wash illustrations of the same image. The only thing that changes is the way you execute the artwork. This is simply varying your use of the technique and emphasis of line and wash. Also, I want 5 digital illustrations (topic open) of line and color on/in computer/photoshop. … Read More

Line, wash… Wash, line

For Weds… 10 more 5 x 7 exercises. 5 are line art first then color wash second, then 5 color wash first, line art second. Combining color washes with line art is a quick and typically effective technique that graphic designers use for producing cost-effective artwork used in their designs. This exercise explores two traditional … Read More

Sorry, Late Post

We are looking at 10 5 x 7 watercolors of something architectural on Monday. Is this different than the skyscapes? More structure required – different emphasis on the four states of watercolor. Also, did you get the two 8 x 10s printed and mounted? Those too are due tomorrow.

Friday, Friday do do dodododo

We will be looking at your 10 watercolor 5 x 7 skyscapes. Go outside – look off to the horizon. If you do clouds, make them look like clouds, not frigg'n puffy cotton balls. I really would like to see ten really impressive watercolors which means maybe you will have to do more to get … Read More

5 Line Art illustrations

OK. This time it is 5 line art illustrations with the twist of drawing them in Photoshop using the graphics tablet (if you can find one that works). Only 5 this time to account for the small software learning curve. Make them look good. Size 5 x 7 inch and print out to the laser … Read More

10 more Line Art illustrations

OK, your first batch of line art illustrations looked good. There was a good range of use of black line. You should have seen from mass of artwork this morning some approaches and techniques to try in the future. For Wednesday, have 10 more line art illustrations ready to look at. This time use photographic … Read More

10 Line Art illustrations

Ten line art (b/w) illustrations from life are due on Monday. Not very big – 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. Ten of these little suckers. Let's see where you are at.