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Kirksville Landscape

OK, I showed you the inspiration for this assignment in class today. You are going to illustrate something that is indicative of Kirksville. The title doesn't literally mean a landscape, so don't go down that rabbit hole. Do something visually creative… please, I'm begging. Specs: 13 x 19 final size, portrait or landscape. Technique is … Read More

Stamp of approval

OK. Our new assignment is to illustrate and design a stamp series (series of 4 stamps). The topic of the stamps can be commemorative, collectable or stamps pertaining to your personal heritage. The four stamps cannot simply be one illustration used four times in each stamp… no, no, no, never that simple. You can use … Read More

Book Cover Illustration

If you haven't already read one of the following books, do so quickly. You are illustrating the cover artwork for a dust jacket cover on a hard cover book, a CD Audio Book and iTunes Cover art. These are classic books and the cover art has been done numerous times, so give me something fresh … Read More

Illustration is Life and Death

At least this one assignment is Life and Death. Prompt: Visually interpret a life-and-death situation to be executed in two individual pieces/illustrations. Solutions may involve any subject matter, as long as the two separate conditions of life and death are clear. You can't choose any of the subjects in the Visual Literacy book that we … Read More

World Record

This assignment is to create a four-color illustration that visually, creatively interprets a world record of your choice. Specs for the assignement: Media: OPEN 13 x 19" final print size Imagery topic is your choice – do some research and find a world record to visualize. You cannot use any photographic reference, but I am … Read More

Something Digital

As assigned today in class which is due on Friday… One more product illustration done digitally. Painting it with the graphics tablet using Photoshop. You can use/redo the same products you already have done or pick a new one to do. Will these be better or worse than the traditional media. No filter effects.

Three Image Gouache Wash Pickout

OK, so for Friday you have the watercolor product illustration due. The second assignment I talked about last Friday is the three image gouache wash illustration. Here are the paramenters. Find/select three totally unrelated photographic reference images that you will use in a single compositon. Exampes are on the website in the student art … Read More

Product Illustration

New assignment for next week, due on Friday, Feb 21st. Find a product, any product and give me an illustration of the product in watercolor. Use photo reference. Render the illustration as tight to the photo as possible. Easy, right?

Go Big or Go Home!

For Monday… one 20 x 30 inch watercolor. Subject matter is your choice. I want to make up for the time lost due to the snow storm cancellation – 6 hour budget. Pick your poison. We are exploring what scaling up in size means to your watercolor technique you have been developing. Is it good … Read More

Five more bird watercolors

Keeping it simple and straight forward. Five more bird watercolors for Monday. Also, have one more ready to paint in class on Monday. We'll change subject matter next week.