Stamp of approval

Stamp of approval

Stamp of approval

April 14, 2014

OK. Our new assignment is to illustrate and design a stamp series (series of 4 stamps). The topic of the stamps can be commemorative, collectable or stamps pertaining to your personal heritage. The four stamps cannot simply be one illustration used four times in each stamp… no, no, no, never that simple. You can use only one illustration on all four stamps if the image can be divided into four quandrants and function as four individual compositions. Make sense?

I have placed in my public/illustration folder a template for the fours stamps. It is set up for 16.5 x 23.4 inches (A2 paper). Find out what the current price of a regular stamp is and plug in the correct amount… and you can use one line of copy to state what you are commemorating or indicating what heritage we are looking at.


Weds., April 16th – 20 thumbnail sketches to review.

Fri., April 18th – Initial marker comp to review for revisions

Weds., April 23rd – Final marker comp for approval

Mon., April 28th – Final printout due – mounted on foamcore – flush mount – two sizes

Here are a couple examples of previous student work.





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