Monthly Archives: April 2014

Final Portfolio

April 28, 2014

OK, here is the info about wrapping up this semester. Final portfolio consist of… 1. All post mid-term illustration assignments printed and mounted appropriately. – Due on Monday (by end of class). 2. A final multiple-page final pdf of all post midterm illustrations. – Due to my public folder by 11:59:59 p.m., Monday. – This … Read More

Kirksville Landscape

April 23, 2014

OK, I showed you the inspiration for this assignment in class today. You are going to illustrate something that is indicative of Kirksville. The title doesn't literally mean a landscape, so don't go down that rabbit hole. Do something visually creative… please, I'm begging. Specs: 13 x 19 final size, portrait or landscape. Technique is … Read More

Stamp of approval

April 14, 2014

OK. Our new assignment is to illustrate and design a stamp series (series of 4 stamps). The topic of the stamps can be commemorative, collectable or stamps pertaining to your personal heritage. The four stamps cannot simply be one illustration used four times in each stamp… no, no, no, never that simple. You can use … Read More

Book Cover Illustration

April 2, 2014

If you haven't already read one of the following books, do so quickly. You are illustrating the cover artwork for a dust jacket cover on a hard cover book, a CD Audio Book and iTunes Cover art. These are classic books and the cover art has been done numerous times, so give me something fresh … Read More