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Number 9

October 15, 2012

This assignment is a visual problem solving, content/concept driven illustration. The subject matter is the idea of Nine. Nine what? That is for you to decide and visualize in an illustration. Vague as hell. Don't you just love creative freedom? CONCEPT – something other than what I might expect to see. If you are just … Read More

Avoid galleries when posting your portfolio

October 9, 2012

If you would please, post your portfolio submissions one at a time with the image and text. I can't download your work from the blog if it is in a gallery (WordPress mainly). Thanks.

Post Mid-term

October 8, 2012

We are going to have about 5-6 weeks to produce 6 illustrations before the end of the semester. These assignments will be over-lapping at various states of completion – comp, final art and inkjet printing. If you aren't good at juggling – get good – it's a necessary survival skill. Other than the 3-image Gouache … Read More

Fridge Pics

Here's a few. Kathryn Sutton – digital, Katie Wu – watercolor and Amanda Aichholz – gouache Sweet!    

3-image Gouache Montage

Our first post-midterm assignment. This is still a light lift concept-wise – but find three unrelated images to work into a functioning composition (see student gallery on blog) I am also introducing the concept of working up a "comp" – short for comprehensive – layout for approval. You work out all issues in the "comp" … Read More

Now – digital pick-out

October 5, 2012

As assigned in class today – take the two gouache pick-outs that are due on Monday and do them in a digital reductive pickout technique. Same size – 8 x 10, 150 ppi. Due Weds. Budget: 6 hours

Fresh catch blog picks

October 3, 2012

Amanda Aichholz and Becky Bruning

Do it again

For Monday, work on this assignment over the weekend. Paint another 8 x 10 Gouache, pick-out illustration. This one and the one you started today are due on Monday. I'll assign something else on Friday for next week. Budget: 4 hours for the new one. Figure this out – it isn't rocket science. Right?

Today’s fresh picks.

October 1, 2012

Sarah Downen

Midterm portfolo (revised)

Next week is mid-term and time to submit your midterm portfolio for the first of your grading opportunities. This is all online on your blog. Here is what I want to see in your blog portfolo. 2 of your best line-art 10-a-day illustrations 2 of your best watercolor 10-a-day illustrations – (OR 1 optional selection … Read More