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The Big Nasty

September 28, 2012

Next week assemble all your Gouache, Matte Medium, Gesso, and cold press illustration board. We will begin Gouache on Weds in class. I'll show you what to do on Monday for prepping what we will be doing. In class Monday, bring in your 20 x 30 watercolor to work on. We'll see how it is … Read More

OMG – Read the post!

September 26, 2012

Read the 20 x 30 post again and quit freaking out. Geez, classic case of mass hysteria. You even have SpongeBob freaked out.

Just for grins

This would be on the beer fridge in the garage.

Today’s fridge pics

Here are some new pics. Line art and watercolor. In no particular order.    

If you can’t make good, make it big!

You have been doing these nice little safe watercolors… your confidence is growing… Now it is time to embrace scale to see what/how well you can manage a bigger piece. This time size is 20 x 30 inch. And to make it fun, let's work with the theme "Missouri". That is a nice broad theme. … Read More

Another facebook portrait

OK, for Friday… you are illustrating one facebook self-portrait – 8 x 10ish in size. This time in watercolor, or line art and watercolor – your choice. Work from a photograhic reference and pick/shoot a photograph of yourself that has good lighting. WARNING: if it is shot with a flash = you're screwed. Convert to … Read More


September 24, 2012

Oh, by the way… Have something (8 x 10ish) to paint on in class again on Wedsnesday. Have your product illustrations tightened up and I'll look at them again to approve.

Fresh picks from the blog

Here are a several more fridge picks. Sarah Downen, Kathryn Sutton and Amanda Aichholz – Damn!

Line art and color wash vs. color wash and line art

That is the assignment for Weds. 5 – line art first and color wash second then 5 – color wash first and line art second. Use a black pen (of some sort) to draw the line art. The line art will act as a scructural component, to dominate or support the color wash you make. … Read More


September 20, 2012

Just got a call. The jury trial I was scheduled for on Monday has been called off. I'll be in class during the whole time. So, prep and bring in another 8.5 x 11 or bigger watercolor to work on in class. Subject matter is up to you. Keep the subject fairly simple so you … Read More