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Midterm portfolio

September 30, 2011

You need to assemble the following and post to your blog in a post titled Midterm Portfolio. Your best examples of: 3 Traditional line art illustrations 2 Watercolor illustrations 3 Traditional line and color illustrations 1 Gouache illustration 1 Digital line art illustration 1 Digtial line/color illustration 1 YOUR CHOICE Also, I would like to … Read More

Number 5 Illustration

This assignment is a visual problem solving, content/concept driven illustration. The subject matter is the idea of Five. Five what? That is for you to decide and visualize in an illustration. Vague as hell. Don't you just love creative freedom? Illustration specs: Media: open to any media we have worked with in class – line … Read More


So, we went through a very easy (they will get tougher) introductory approval process for the Lincoln poster illustration. Some were approved, some not. Those that didn't get my little red OK on it, rework, fix the problems and show it to me again on Monday.

Deadline revisions

As stated today in class, deadline for the printing of your 3 image gouache montage is kicked back to Wednesday. Most, if not all of the montage assignment were not acceptable/approveable yet. 40 to 60 % complete.That would be about how I would grade it too. Not even close to portfolio qualtiy. Most looked only … Read More

More fridge pics

September 28, 2011

Here are a few more examples found on your blogs.   Colleen Glaeser: Digital painting

And the winner is…

September 27, 2011

Here is the kick-butt product illustration for the class. Didn't know it was a competition did you? It's always a competition… are you in the game yet? Calli Loskill

Work day on Wednesday

Bring your supplies to class on Weds. You can work on your 3-image gouache and/or your Lincoln poster illustration initial concept and comp.

New Fridge Pics

Here are some new refrigerator examples I found while creeping on your blogs. I think they are all digital except this first one. Looking really good. Tim Cooper: Line Art and Watercolor wash Kristen Henry: Digtial, Line art and color Meghan Doil: Digtial painting Lauren Priest: Digital painting Colleen Glaeser: Digital Line art What's with … Read More

An assignment that accomplishes something specific

September 26, 2011

I need an illustration for a poster to promote a competiton about Abraham Lincoln and his life and contributions to this country.  Truman State University's Library Special Collections sponsors this competition for student artisits, researchers and writers. The competition is open to K-12 students and college undergraduates. Awards and prizes are given to the best … Read More

Get started now.

Don't wait until Thursday night to try to pull off the 3-image gouache. It will bite you. Trust me. Don't be afraid to start over if you need to. It always goes faster the second or third time and it normally is better too. Just trying to help. You guys are needing to get some … Read More