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3 Image Gouache Montage wrap up

November 8, 2010

For Monday, November 15 (last class before I leave for the week and before Thanksgiving break), have your montage scanned, blogged, pdf'ed and printed (mounted – 1 inch border, black foamcore). The is a 3 image montage folder on my public folder to dump the pdfs into. That is a whole week to get it … Read More

Airbrush stuff

OK. To officially blog what I assigned today. 10 masked cubes (1 color) and 10 freehand cubes (1 color) due on Wednesday 10th. The one really good planet and fruit is due on Monday 15th. Timelines for the Album Art, Book cover and Cheesy remain the same. Grace under pressure. Who's going to crack? You … Read More

New project never before attempted in ART219

New Size Information: Albums are 12.375 inches square – CDs are 4.75 inches square (Thanks Michelle) The iTunes cover art is 131 pixels square at 72 ppi. This is a totally new project. You will determine if it will ever be assigned again in the future. So, start thinking about, planning and making some decisions … Read More

Cheesy Airbrush

November 4, 2010

OK. Here is the Cheesy assignment to showcase your new airbrush skills. No pre-drawn, illustrated or existing cartoon characters. In fact, this assignment doesn't even have to be a cartoon. Your prompt is "Cheesy". What can you creatively and visually do with it? Actual size/Print size: 10 x 14 inch. Timeline: November 15: Color Comp … Read More

Three Image Gouache Montage

We are looking at your completed illustrations on Friday with the idea that they are ready for final approval for publication. If not approved… Oh no. Be ready. Be good.