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Pickings from the blogs

April 12, 2010

Here are a few illustrations I found on your blogs.   Home State Postcard: Alyssa Noe – gouache Number Eleven: Alyssa Noe – watercolor Home State Postcard: Chelsea Shelton – gouache   Number Eleven: Laura Wellington – airbrush and line art   Number Eleven: Anna Jahn – watercolor Jennifer Richmond – watercolor

Final Portfolio

For your final illustration portfolio. I want a multiple page, single .pdf of 8 of your best illustrations this semester. Turn in to my public folder on my computer. I also want the final selections blogged and commented on. The portfolio can be comprised of both exercises and projects. I weigh projects heavier than exercises … Read More

Editorial Illustration of Newspaper article

The next project I just tripped the trigger on in class. An editorial illustration of a newspaper article. See the articles posted on the OP1220 cork board. You choose one to illustrate. I need an illustration to accompany the article to draw the viewers attention to the story. Yes, kick-butt illustration. Style, technique and media … Read More

Printing and mounting

April 7, 2010

So we have several projects to get printed and mounted. Here are the specs for everything Memory portrait: Print at 50%, mount on black foamcore or Mat board with 1 inch border – Due Monday 12th Number Eleven: Print at 50%, mount on black foamcore or Mat board with 1 inch border – Due Monday … Read More


April 1, 2010

Some of the blogs are in serious need of updating. I want to do some more picking.

Life and Death

This is one I haven't assigned before. You are the first. Here are the specs. This is a diptych project – two illustrations defining the two states of Life and Death of something… I showed examples in class the other day – minus the semi truck element. Media is open. Size: each piece when printed … Read More

Lincoln Art Competition

As promised earlier, I want you to create an illustration for the Lincoln Art Competition. The theme is "Reflections on Lincoln". Size 10 x 14". Media is wide open. Whatever you want to use – traditional or digital. Content and concept is up to you to solve. I want to see 10 pencil idea sketches … Read More

Cheesy Airbrush Deadline

I want to see the final airbrushed Cheesy Project by next Friday the 9th. Size:10 x 14, right?