Monthly Archives: March 2010

Added Deadlines

March 29, 2010

As we just figured out in class. I want to have the Airbrush Cheesy marker comp due on Wednesday along with the Sphere and Cube Airbrush final. For Friday both the Memory Portrait and the Number 11 redo assignments are due. We don't have class on next Monday.

Redo Memory portrait

March 26, 2010

If you have to redo your memory portrait, it is due on Friday. I look at them again to see if I would approve as your "client".

Sphere and Cube

For Wednesday – 1 airbrushed spherical object and 1 transparent cube.  Size: open. Really good or you do them again.

New and Improved Deadlines

March 22, 2010

For Wednesday we are looking at 4 x 5 color comp of Number 11 and your 40 airbrushed cubes For Friday your Memory Portrait final illustration is due. Size is 8 x 10. For Monday the Number 11 illustration is due. Size is 8 x 10. Now I need to come up with some new … Read More

More Airbrush exerices

March 18, 2010

For Friday in class after we look at the Memory Portraits comps and the Number 11 assignment examples… be ready to airbrush more shapes. This time we will be airbrushing cubes… as promised. You will need to bring to class some frisket to cut masks for this one. Since we are cutting masks, you'll want … Read More

For Friday

For Friday we are looking at the color comps of the Memory Portrait assignment. In these comps I want to see character development, stylistic variation, color usage, composition variation and technique indications. Easy. Also due are the airbrush sphere exercises. 40 "good" examples of you learning to control the airbrush. See the previous post as … Read More

Airbrush technique

March 11, 2010

Also by Friday, I want you to complete the following airbrush exercises. 10 – one color freehand spheres (with grounding shadow related to the light source) 10 – one color spheres using a floating mask (with grounding shadow related to the light source) 10  – one color spheres using airbrush frisket mask (with grounding shadow … Read More

Memory Portrait

OK, New project. 8 x 10 color illustration is the final product. Subject is a relative – parent, grandparent, sibling etc… Must work from memory. No photographic reference on this one. Media/technique is your choice. I want to see on Friday, 5 thumbnail color comps of what you are thinking of doing (roughly 4 x … Read More

Monday, Monday…

Hope you all have had a good spring break. Time to get back into the swing of things. Fun. OK. I'm breaking out the airbrushes to begin technique exercises on Monday. So bring your airbrush supplies so we can blow some paint. We have the 3rd, 3 image gouache montage and for some, a postcard … Read More