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Some new pickings

February 28, 2010

Watercolor: Chelsea Shelton Line Art: Chelsea Shelton Watercolor: Rebekah Gates Gouache Pick-out: Anna Jahn Watercolor: Alyssa Noe   Product Illustration, Watercolor: Laura Wellington


February 23, 2010

The 3 image gouache montage is due on Wednesday. Big Watercolor final printout at 50% is due on Friday. What are we doing in class on Wednesday? See the next blog.

New Project – Home State Postcard

OK, your task on this project is to illustrate a postcard that centers around the theme of your home state. Subject matter is wide open. Technique is open as well as long as it is a technique demonstrated and utilized in illustration class. So using whatever state your are from as the starting point of … Read More

50% Inkjet Printouts

February 15, 2010

Don't forget to scan at 50% your line art and product illustrations and have them printed by Friday. These two images should print on an 8.5 x 11. Line art on the left and color on the right side of the page.I want either glossy or luster finish. Mount on black board (mat or foamcore), … Read More

Making it up as we go.

For Wednesday. 5 x 7 color marker comp of the 20 x 30 watercolor. Final due next Monday. 5 x 7 color marker comp of your 3 image montage. Final due next Wednesday. Find another, new photo and have it transferred to an illustration board and coated with the mat medium/gesso/water solution, to practice the … Read More

What did he say?

February 12, 2010

To recap what I went over in class… For Monday have the two final illustrations of the newspaper line-art and color product illustration. Have your three photographs selected for the 3 image gouache montage too. For Wednesday have the 5 x 7 color marker comp for the 20 x 30 big watercolor to review. Also … Read More

Mixing it up: Upscaling Watercolor

February 11, 2010

You have been working on small watercolors for a few weeks and your technique is improving. I want to mix it up on this assignment and push you out of your comfort zone – if you have one. Time to do a "big" piece. Topic/subject is open – Landscape, cityscape, skyscape, still-life, people or architecture, … Read More

Three Image Gouache Montage

February 10, 2010

Start looking for 3 photographs (convert to grayscale). The images must be any 3 unrelated subjects. You are going to use these 3 images to compose and combine them into one functioning full-color composition. You will be using the Lucy (Art-o-graph) Remind me in class on Monday and I will show you examples of previous … Read More

Some more examples from your blogs

Here are a few more watercolors I found on you blogs that I think are coming along nicely.   Alyssa Noe   Chelsea Shelton   Mark Misiewicz   Rebekah Gates

Take it to the limit

Wow, what an easy class today. So Friday is a work day on the two formal projects that are due on Monday. Bring your supplies so you can make good progress on these illustrations in class. You need to take whatever time you have been spending on the 10 watercolors and dedicate that time to … Read More