Monthly Archives: January 2010

Architecture Demo

January 29, 2010

Here's my architecture watercolor demo. Remember, washed shapes to block in color and line work for detail and definition. This illustration did utilize the glazing technique. Try it. Remember to let the previous wash dry before attempting to glaze. In one stroke, apply the color and let it dry.

In-class Self-portrait

January 28, 2010

For in-class working tomorrow, bring in your tools and supplies and a well shot photograph of yourself. Have the image already transferred to the watercolor paper so we don't waste time on that prep work. We want to paint, paint, paint.

10 for Friday

Sorry, forgot to post what is due tomorrow. 10 – roughly 4.25 x 5.5 little watercolor, watercolor/line illustrations. We've covered 4 techniques in class so far dealing with line art and combining line art with watercolor washes. Now its all about practice to gain confidence with the techniques. QUANTITY is now our best friend to … Read More

Another In-Class Watercolor/line Illustration

January 26, 2010

Hi guys. Bring to class another image to work with during class. Let's see, I'm feeling like something architectural. You'll need your paints, brushes and watercolor paper or cold-press illustration board. We are still practicing technique and I want to see what you are doing as you do it. I'll make up Friday's assignment in … Read More

Watercolor wash and painted line

January 25, 2010

Here's today's demo for inspiration. Need three of these from you on Wednesday (Size: 8.5 x 11). Work with a theme or continuity of imagery with the three. Use photographic reference. Same drill as the Watercolor wash and ink line, but this time you are working with painted line. This gives you another dimension to … Read More

For Monday

January 22, 2010

For this Monday, we are still working with photographic reference, line and watercolor wash. Bring in a photograph that you shot and want to convert into an illustration. You are going to complete this illustration in class on Monday. Size: 8.5 x 11. So if you want, you can have the image drawn onto the … Read More

Another wash/line technique

Here's today's wash/line demo of the little red bird. In this demo, I showed the technique of wet on dry on edges of the subject and pulling the color away with water. This has more control than the last demo of using only wet on wet. As the color work set, I then worked line … Read More

Line art and watercolor demo

January 20, 2010

Here's the little demo of the bird I did in class. Maybe thirty minutes at the most to get something that could be used in a design. Keep this process in mind when in the future you need to do something quick and visually effective.

Wet on Wet Wash and Line Art

Sorry we didn't get to watch more Terry today. Anyway… our initial foray into watercolor is to do a wet on wet color wash and combine it with your previously completed line art illustration. You can do this multiple ways as we discussed in class. The idea here is to use color in conjunction with … Read More

Take two to the next level

OK, just to blog what I told you in class. We are still working on photo-reference line art. You are taking two of the ten that I chose today and reworking to the 8.5 x 11 inch size. Use the same line technique as in the original 5.5 x 8.5, just take it further. Keep … Read More